CKT type plastic material dryer

CKT 200 dryer for plastic pellets: Benefit oriented in every detail


From the suction box over the dew point control up to the patented ECO system control: With the CKT dryer series, we promise you easy and safe operation.
With this sophisticated technology, you have everything in hand to dry plastic pellets in larger quantities in a material-saving and efficient way.


A row of 3 CKT dryers with drying containers for more than 25 different materials.


Our dry air technology – Your advantage: Bone dry, warm air flows through the drying containers and absorbs the moisture of the pellets.

The saturated dry air flows through a desiccant container where it is dehumidified and then it flows again through the pellets.

When the desiccant is saturated, the drying air flow is diverted to a fresh container and the previous container is regenerated. Due to the constantly changing regeneration, we can guarantee you a consistent pellet drying.

Economical drying: In addition to the effective granule drying, we also offer you efficient drying solutions.

They protect your material and save energy: With the KOCH ECO control system, you protect your material against overdrying and in combination with a dew point control and frequency-controlled blowers, you can save half of the energy normally used for the drying. We would be happy to advise you!


Characteristics of our CKT series for polymer drying:

  • Proven and fully developed pellet drying technology.
  • Depending on the version, from 110 m³/h to 2000 m³/h of dry air is generated
  • Material containers available in various sizes
  • The highest energy efficiency with additionally selectable components: Dew point control (incl. from CKT 300), KOCH ECO control system and frequency-controlled dry air supply
  • Existing drying systems can be easily extended


The optional touch panel control unit simplifies the monitoring of drying processes.


Dryer Possible dry air quantity
Type CKT110 110 m3/h
Type CKT200 200 m3/h
Type CKT300 300 m3/h
Type CKT500 500 m3/h
Type CKT800 800 m3/h
Type CKT1100 1100 m3/h
Type CKT1700 1700 m3/h
Type CKT2000 2000 m3/h


One of a total of 6 CKT1700 type pellet dryers shortly before delivery to China.
At present, the system of 6 CKT 1700 dryers with a capacity of 10,200 m³/h supplies 10 extruders with a calculated 5,750 kg of material per hour.

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