Control and monitoring of the polymer drying

Functional diagram

Clear display of all drying cycles


All our type CKT and type EKO plastic pellet dryers are equipped with the functional diagram in the basic version. This diagram that is a simplified illustration of the drying cycle allows you to monitor the pellet drying at a glance. This is an easy-view solution.


The KOCH-TECHNIK EKO type pellet dryer in the basic version with a functional diagram


Dryer control via touch display

The control extension for the CKT and EKO dryer



We offer the touch panel control as a control extension for all dry CKT and EKO type air driers. This control system combines all basic and optional control components that can be monitored and operated via the large touch display:

  • Touch-sensitive 10-inch display
  • Display and temperature control of the drying circuits
  • Reduction mode
  • Throughput detection for each drying container and an alarm message if the throughput is exceeded
  • Multiple language selection
  • Password protection safety system
  • Material database (series from the 2017 version)

Optional components:

  • Dew point monitoring, control and recording (series from CKT 300 and EKO 300)
  • Automatic load matching
  • KOCH ECO control system (energy-efficient flaps)
  • Control for an internal material conveying system
  • Interfaces and data bus for visualization software
  • Upgrade of older KOCH drying systems possible

Upon request, we also enable you to monitor the drying system with the app. This possibility provides priceless added value especially for drying systems on platforms (mezzanines).

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