Our dry air dryers dry medium to very large quantities of plastic pellets with deeply dry air to the residual moisture required for the processing.

The used dry air technology works in a closed loop system, completely independent of the ambient climate: dehumidified and heated air flows through the pellets, absorbs their moisture and gives it to a drying agent.

  • CKT type plastic material dryer

      CKT 200 dryer for plastic pellets: Benefit oriented in every detail


      From the suction box over the dew point control up to the patented ECO system control: With the CKT dryer series, we promise you easy and safe operation.
      With this sophisticated technology, you have everything in hand to dry plastic pellets in larger quantities in a material-saving and efficient way.


      A row of 3 CKT dryers with drying containers for more than 25 different materials.


      Our dry air technology – Your advantage: Bone dry, warm air flows through the drying containers and absorbs the moisture of the pellets.

      The saturated dry air flows through a desiccant container where it is dehumidified and then it flows again through the pellets.

      When the desiccant is saturated, the drying air flow is diverted to a fresh container and the previous container is regenerated. Due to the constantly changing regeneration, we can guarantee you a consistent pellet drying.

      Economical drying: In addition to the effective granule drying, we also offer you efficient drying solutions.

      They protect your material and save energy: With the KOCH ECO control system, you protect your material against overdrying and in combination with a dew point control and frequency-controlled blowers, you can save half of the energy normally used for the drying. We would be happy to advise you!


      Characteristics of our CKT series for polymer drying:

      • Proven and fully developed pellet drying technology.
      • Depending on the version, from 110 m³/h to 2000 m³/h of dry air is generated
      • Material containers available in various sizes
      • The highest energy efficiency with additionally selectable components: Dew point control (incl. from CKT 300), KOCH ECO control system and frequency-controlled dry air supply
      • Existing drying systems can be easily extended


      The optional touch panel control unit simplifies the monitoring of drying processes.


      Dryer Possible dry air quantity
      Type CKT110 110 m3/h
      Type CKT200 200 m3/h
      Type CKT300 300 m3/h
      Type CKT500 500 m3/h
      Type CKT800 800 m3/h
      Type CKT1100 1100 m3/h
      Type CKT1700 1700 m3/h
      Type CKT2000 2000 m3/h


      One of a total of 6 CKT1700 type pellet dryers shortly before delivery to China.
      At present, the system of 6 CKT 1700 dryers with a capacity of 10,200 m³/h supplies 10 extruders with a calculated 5,750 kg of material per hour.

  • Plastic Pellet dryer type KKT

      With our KKT type mobile dry air dryer, you can dry hygroscopic polymers right next to your processing machine. Depending on the model, from 55 m³ to 100 m³ of dehumidified air pass through the drying container per hour and the moisture of the granulates is absorbed.

      The saturated return air flows over two alternate drying agent containers where it is dehumidified again. This way, deeply dried air is produced with a dew point of about -35°C. It corresponds to a value of 0.19 g H₂O per 1 m³ of dry air.



      The current KKT models are available with a newly structured control unit:

      • Comfortable touch screen menu navigation
      • Drying programs adapted to the safe drying
      • Industrie 4.0 Vorbereitung durch Siemens S7 Kompatibilität
      • Materialdatenbank
      • Time switch control for specifying the drying times


      Also available upon request:

      • Patented KOCH ECO control system
      • Dew point monitoring with data recording
      • Material supply system to fill more drying containers or the processing machine


      There are three suitable programs to choose from for optimum polymer drying:

      • The ECO energy saving program saves up to 40% energy. It will pay off if a rarely dried material is taken.
      • If it has to go fast, you can dry high throughputs of consistent quality in the high-speed program.
      • The basic program is tailored to your daily standard production.

      As required, our complementary dryers with different drying containers are available. Large containers are mounted on a mobile rack.


      Type KKT 55 KKT 75 KKT 100S
      Dry air quantity 55 m3/h 75 m3/h 100 m3/h
      Drying containers to be chosen from (in litres) 12/20/40/
      Volume of an individual container max. 150 litres 200 litres 300 litres
      Total volume of several containers 120 litres,
      3 max.
      160 litres,
      3 max.
      200 litres,
      4 max.


      Mobile KKT dry air dryer series from Koch-Technik – quiet and reliable. KKT 100S on the left, KKT55 with a container behind the unit on the right.

  • Granulate dryer type EKO

      EKO Plastic Pellet dryer: Drying quality at the highest level


      The EKO dry air dryer series is our proven dry air technology wrapped in a contemporary design and with a high level of energy efficiency.

      Combined with the dew point and KOCH ECO system control as well as frequency-controlled blowers, they can save up to 50% energy during the pellet drying.

      We offer the dry air dryers in the mobile variants EKO 110, EKO 200 and EKO 300 and also EKO 500 and EKO 800 stationary units with and without frequency-controlled blowers.

      The standard version of the EKO system is controlled via a functional diagram, which provides information about the operating condition at any time. If a dew point and ECO control system is additionally integrated, it is recommended that the control system be changed with a touch panel control unit. In accordance with our modular principle, various drying containers can be integrated in the EKO system.


      Stationary KOCH granule dryer type EKO 800: The drying containers are recessed into the floor of a mezzanine.


      Characteristics of the EKO type:

      • Visually appealing design
      • Proven and well-engineered KOCH dry air technology for drying plastic pellets
      • 110–800 m³/h dry air, depending on the version
      • Heat exchanger technology for the highest energy utilization
      • Maximum energy efficiency combined with an optional KOCH ECO control system
      • Drying containers (also called drying hopper) in various sizes available (integrated up to 200 l)
      • Modular design for trouble-free extension of a drying system


      KOCH dry air dryer type EKO 300 for plastic pellets with integrated material hoppers for filling the drying containers.


      Dryer Possible dry air quantity
      Type EKO110 110 m3/h
      Type EKO200 200 m3/h
      Type EKO300 300 m3/h
      Type EKO500 500 m3/h
      Type EKO800 800 m3/h
  • Control and monitoring of the polymer drying

      Functional diagram

      Clear display of all drying cycles


      All our type CKT and type EKO plastic pellet dryers are equipped with the functional diagram in the basic version. This diagram that is a simplified illustration of the drying cycle allows you to monitor the pellet drying at a glance. This is an easy-view solution.


      The KOCH-TECHNIK EKO type pellet dryer in the basic version with a functional diagram


      Dryer control via touch display

      The control extension for the CKT and EKO dryer



      We offer the touch panel control as a control extension for all dry CKT and EKO type air driers. This control system combines all basic and optional control components that can be monitored and operated via the large touch display:

      • Touch-sensitive 10-inch display
      • Display and temperature control of the drying circuits
      • Reduction mode
      • Throughput detection for each drying container and an alarm message if the throughput is exceeded
      • Multiple language selection
      • Password protection safety system
      • Material database (series from the 2017 version)

      Optional components:

      • Dew point monitoring, control and recording (series from CKT 300 and EKO 300)
      • Automatic load matching
      • KOCH ECO control system (energy-efficient flaps)
      • Control for an internal material conveying system
      • Interfaces and data bus for visualization software
      • Upgrade of older KOCH drying systems possible

      Upon request, we also enable you to monitor the drying system with the app. This possibility provides priceless added value especially for drying systems on platforms (mezzanines).

  • Dew point control and KOCH ECO control system (patented)


      KOCH dew point control


      Dew point controlled plastic pellet drying saves up to 40% energy


      For dry air drying without dew point control, the desiccant containers alternate in fixed cycles during dehumidification and regeneration. The flow rates and the moisture content of the material to be dried are not taken into account.

      On the other hand, KOCH dry air dryers with dew point control work depending on the dew point and therefore are considerably more energy-saving. As soon as a desiccant reaches the dew point limit of -30 °C, it is switched to a fresh, regenerated desiccant container. It means that the drying process adapts to the material: when the pellets are very moist, the switching cycles are shorter and when the moisture content is low, they are correspondingly longer.

      The advantage of the dew point-controlled drying is obvious: High energy savings and the always consistent quality of the final product.



      Patented KOCH ECO control system


      Our patented control system for material-friendly and energy saving pellet drying


      Our ECO control system guarantees that hygroscopic materials such as PA, PC, LCP, POM, etc. are not overdried:
      During the dry air-drying process, the material in the storage containers is dried to the “residual moisture required for the processing”. If no or little material is taken from a container, further drying may lead to overdrying and damaging the material.
      The KOCH ECO control system prevents that!
      If the temperatures in the upper area of the container reach a defined value, the ECO control system automatically removes such a container from the drying cycle. Once the pellets are removed or the dwell time is exceeded, the container is joined again.



      • Your material is not overdried.
      • You always have pre-dried pellets available.
      • You save energy – in a significant extent.

      Other advantageous properties:

      • Control of the required air quantity for each individual drying container
      • Control of the defined air quantity – independently of the filling quantity and shape of material
      • The exactly required amount of dry air flows always through the container.
      • Optionally with automatic load adjustment


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